Lane Keller, Author

Awakening the rebel within

Challenging the narrative while shedding light on a few things ~

like the nature of reality, the real reason for wars, and our capacity for love.

In the land of awakening truth we cry, laugh and understand ourselves, and the whole world, a lot better.

A pledge to my readers: my writings represent years of work, heart and at times, intense research. I have not in the past, nor will I ever, use AI to do my writing for me. To do so would go against what I personally hold as the purpose of writing: to touch others on a deeply human level with originality, artistry and truth.



Time to really glow up your life!

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Right Side uP

How to Stand Upright in an Upside Down World

You do not need to settle for status quo, unhappiness, or an unfulfilled life.

Rid yourself of fear, guilt and whatever else is holding you back. Due to my rather unusual background I have been able to develop some uniquely effective ascension tools that with the help of the Higher Powers, I share here with you.

Release date May 2024, Arelian Press