An undeterred seeker of the truth who combines a mix of an advanced professional writing career with the development of empowerment strategies, Keller is the voice and motor behind BrightMind Media.

Keller writes in many genres including alternative health, the truth of the world, Balkan history and politics, her experiences with interdimensional beings including the Arcturians, personal spirituality, and more. As an experienced public speaker, Keller has spoken out about the subterfuges afflicting our planet on multiple podcasts and radio shows. She is a former talent agent with the renowned Harry Abrams, where she developed onscreen talent and honed her negotiation skills with high-level industry insiders. Her first book, Working in Commercials, Butterworth Heinemann, stemmed from this experience.

Keller's breakthrough entrepreneurial effort, The Young Filmmakers Workshop, Baltimore, MD, was founded on a $10,000 budget as her answer to the institutionalized destruction of creativity in young people. This thriving model, developed with Sundance Award-winning filmmaker, Steve Yeager, retains its initiative of unleashing the creative power of children of all financial backgrounds, races, and gender orientation.

Since 1990 has Keller has engaged in extensive exploration of worldwide problems and more recently developed BrightMind Media as a means to discuss vital issues with important unheard voices. Through BrightMind, she has been engaged in producing, narrating and writing shows and documentaries to bring vital information to a worldwide audience.

Keller's tour-de-force novel, A Covenant of Poppies, Brooklyn Indie Press, explores one thousand years of history leading to the orchestrated destruction of Yugoslavia. Other books include A Mother's New World Order Handbook, published by Truth in 10, Divine Transcendence: How to Navigate Humanity's Shift in Consciousness and Rise to Your True Place as a Divine Being, with Christopher Macklin, 7 Steps to Heaven with Joyce Keller, Simon & Schuster, and more.


With so many issues facing the world today, where does one start? With the media, of course.

Docuseries & Podcasts

Committed to living a holistic lifestyle from an early age, Keller has effectively dealt with educators, pediatricians, hospital administrators and more while disseminating truthful information to a public that is largely unaware of pharmaceutical lobbying, vaccine dangers, FDA duplicities, and alternative treatment cover-ups. She has had the advantage of living with two master metaphysical teachers as parents, who hosted Americas longest running alternative radio show on WGBB Radio, in Babylon, New York, and who among other things, were instrumental in bringing yoga to the New York area.

Lane's upcoming novella series, Cayce Undercover is for readers who like a dash of conspiracy and deep dive detective work with their mysteries. To be published early 2025.

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person wearing black and white gas mask