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Finding yourself again after leaving suburbia is part of the battle. What if you didn't know who you were to begin with, and worse, drowned out what you discovered behind a cacophony of crazed dates in New York City?

Will Read Breasts

Running through a panoply of men seeking everything from shaving escapades to psychic breast readings, newly separated playwright Elyse Matthews is heading for a big fall. She is brought to a halt by a brilliant but itinerant musician, whose desire for her in her purest form forces her to change her concept of who she is and to accept her new reality.

As her scripted alter ego searches for that most lofty of achievements, the Big O, Elyse moves from suburban Virginia to her brother’s couch in Manhattan, then onto her lover’s floorborn mattress in a seedy part of Brooklyn. The questions fly as she becomes ever more determined to find herself amidst the facades we live with, hurt children, self appointed gurus, and unbalanced men.

Described a a cross between Eat, Pray, Love and Bridget Jones Diary with a dash of Celestine Prophecy, Will Read Breasts is a lyrical crashing together of love, doubt, empowerment and unavoidable discovery, addressing the age old questions of what is unconditional love, where a parent ends and a child begins, and what happens when two lovers are destined to hurt each other.

Release date July 2024 Arelian Press

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My upcoming novella series, Cayce Undercover is for readers who like a healthy dose of conspiracy combined with deep dive detective work in their mystery series. To be published early 2025.

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1000 Years of War, Sacrifice and Love

A Covenant of Poppies

What if the truth is not what you want to hear?

Yugoslavia, 1990. A country on the brink of war. American journalist Duke Johnson manages to get himself sent to the land of his ancestry. He is on the hunt for the headlines that will satisfy his bosses and the truth about his background - or so he thinks.

Entwined with Duke's search for answers is Serbian student Jelena, her mercenary brother Niko, Kosovar Albanian Anja, the members of a renegade Belgrade radio station, and Duke's extended family in Croatia.

Soon, it becomes clear that everything the West has been told is a lie, and that the war which threatens to tear families apart has rekindled memories of a genocide that has been deliberately erased from history.

Official release Sept. 2024, Brooklyn Indie Press

Due out Fall 2024

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Light Your Fire with the Ayurveda Diet

Did you know that many of our weight issues stem from improper digestion?

Did you know that the SAD (Standard American Diet) has largely eliminated certain tastes needed to balance our bodies and digest the food we eat?

Learn which foods create harmony in the body and which create toxins that create more fat.

Light Your Fire with the Ayurveda Diet explains how to use these extraordinary principles to ignite your digestive fire and attune your body to its optimum weight.

Truth in 10 Books

Fix the way your body processes food and change your life forever.

Tale of Running Bear

A very special story guided by a very special bear. Take an astral ride with the author led by Running Bear, who shares his thoughts and experiences with humans.

Eye opening and uplifting, this is a true account of the journey the author took with the bear known as Running Bear.

The illustrations faithfully present the images seen on the journey, and Running Bear's words are recounted verbatim.

This is truly a book like no other.

A Picture Book for Adult-Minded Young People